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Elementary School

FLACS is whole child-focused and supports each unique learner’s needs to ensure every child excels. Scholars engage in rigorous academic curriculum, develop social-emotional skills, explore the creative arts, and build skills for a lifetime of health. Throughout all areas, scholars work collaboratively to learn together and have ample opportunities to use technology to enrich their learning.

Lifelong Readers and Writers

FLACS supports all students in becoming independent readers and writers. Our classrooms are full of books for students to explore! Our balanced approach includes explicit instruction in phonics and vocabulary, and comprehension. Students analyze texts and use evidence to support their ideas about what they read. In writing, we teach writing craft, grammar, and conventions. Students write stories, learn how to do research, and write pieces that express their opinions. 

Creative Problem-Solvers

Problem-solving is at the center of math learning at FLACS. Through problem-solving, scholars gain a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics. FLACS uses the Singapore math approach. How students arrive at an answer is just as important as whether the answer is correct. We emphasize the interconnection between mathematics and its applications in everyday situations, science, and technology.

Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers

FLACS scholars engage in scientific inquiries that mirror the work of actual scientists and engineers. Each unit is organized around a real-world phenomenon. Students work to develop and strengthen scientific claims about this phenomenon by collecting evidence through reading, modeling, and experimentation, and testing their assumptions. 

Future Global Citizens

Through project-based and inquiry learning, FLACS scholars engage in the study of history, geography, economics, and sociology of their families, their communities, and the world. They study events from multiple perspectives and analyze primary source documents such as journals, politics, and photographs. Through field trips and virtual learning, students have opportunities to extend learning outside of the classroom. 


Every day, FLACS elementary students engage in enrichment activities. All FLACS elementary school students engage in the arts. Every school offers many opportunities for students to create visual art and explore music and dance. Every school offers physical education to help students learn how to take care of their bodies.

Each school offers a unique combination of activities that change based on student interest, while at FLACS I students may participate in cooking clubs and learn to play band instruments FLACS I, at FLACS II may learn to play violin and participate in choral concerts, and FLACS III students are learning to create media arts and dance in a variety of styles.