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Educating the Whole Child


Academic Preparation for College and Beyond

From the moment our kindergarteners walk in the door, FLACS is preparing them for success in college and beyond. Providing access to a high-quality academic program for ALL scholars is our priority. The FLACS curriculum and program are carefully designed to ensure all scholars, no matter what their learning needs are, can be accepted to and complete programs at top public and private colleges. Our curriculum is intentionally designed from kindergarten through 12th grade to ensure scholars are proficient readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and social scientists. Our scholars are prepared to engage in college-level work during their high school years. 


Our team of counselors work closely with each scholar and family to identify passions and interests and match scholars to colleges where they will flourish. After graduation, FLACS stays in contact with its graduates, offering them support and guidance as they navigate college and beyond.



Supporting the Individual Scholar

Every FLACS scholar has unique academic needs. We believe that all students can succeed at a high level no matter what these needs are. Our mission is to ensure all students have access to a rigorous academic program. We provide enrichment opportunities for students who have already mastered the content and support services for students who need additional assistance.


We offer special education services in all of our schools (including SETTS, counseling, and related services) with qualified teachers. We also have a robust English as a New Language program to support students who are learning English. We also offer academic intervention services for students who need extra support. 


Shared Responsibility for Learning between the Scholar, their Family, and the School

The responsibility for learning is shared among the scholars, school, and families, and is reflected in scholars’ individual learning plans. From Kindergarten, scholars are actively involved in setting goals for their own growth and taking responsibility for their own learning. Teachers provide specific and actionable feedback on student work to help students understand their own strengths and next steps as learners. During instruction, scholars are encouraged to reflect on their learning. Families are informed and empowered participants in their children’s learning. Guidance counselors work with individual families and students in supporting this shared responsibility


School Communities that Affirm Human Values


Each school community has a culture that not just furthers high expectations for children and promotes academic excellence but also affirms human values such as respect, responsibility, leadership, citizenship, and social justice. FLACS affirms human values through social-emotional learning, including explicit instruction in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. From kindergarten, our schools use a systemic program to foster these social-emotional skills. In middle school and high school, scholars further explore these skills through a robust Advisory program.


FLACS staff foster a school community in which all scholars’ voices, opinions, and ideas are respected by their teachers and peers, and in which diversity is celebrated. Culturally relevant materials and approaches are infused in the curriculum. Throughout their education, scholars look at social justice, including human rights, access, participation, and equity, across their own communities and globally. 


Creative Spirits, Healthy Bodies 

While our focus is on academics, we also support scholars' spirits, bodies, and minds to ensure scholars have all of the skills needed for a fulfilling life.


To foster self-expression, build awareness of various cultures and traditions, and encourage scholars to think creatively, FLACS scholars engage in arts education in kindergarten through 12th grade. They study the visual and musical compositions of others and explore how art can be a vehicle to understand culture and society. 


To learn the fitness and wellness skills they can use to maintain physical health throughout their lives, FLACS scholars participate in physical education and health education. At the middle and high school level, scholars have opportunities to participate in sports teams.