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Educating the Whole Child

Creative Spirits, Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds
To foster self-expression, build awareness of various cultures and traditions, and encourage scholars to think creatively, FLACS scholars engage in arts education. They study the visual and musical compositions of others and explore how art can be a vehicle to understand culture and society. To learn the fitness and wellness skills they can use to maintain physical health throughout their lives, FLACS scholars participate in physical education and health education. Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are essential for success in college, career and life. At FLACS, students are taught how to manage their emotions, share their feelings, and interact in positive ways with peers. All schools use a systemic program to foster these social-emotional skills.
Preparation for High School and Beyond
From the moment our kindergarteners walk in the door, FLACS is preparing them for success in high school and beyond. The FLACS curriculum and program is carefully designed to ensure students can apply and be accepted to the top public and private high schools in New York City. Our team of high school articulation counselors work closely with each student and family to identify passions and interests and match students to high schools where they will flourish. After graduation, FLACS stays in contact with its graduates, offering them support and guidance as they navigate high school, college applications, and beyond.