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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your schools located? 

We are located in the Mott Haven, Highbridge, and Morrisania sections of the Bronx, conveniently located near the #2, 4, 5, 6 and B/D trains

What grades do you serve and how large are the classes? 

We have four schools serving grades K-12.  Three of the schools are elementary schools, one school is a Middle School, and our new High School will is now open. Classes have no more than 26 students, some may have less. Every elementary classroom (K-5) has a teacher and a teaching assistant.

Is there support for second language learners?

Yes, every school has at least one English as a New Language teacher who will support students whose first language is not English.

What special education programs do the schools offer? 

Every FLACS school has at least one  SETSS teacher(s) that provides support for students with learning needs as per their IEPs and at least one counselor. Students receive mandated related services (such as speech, occupational, or physical therapy) from the NYC Department of Education or private contracted providers. We do not have self-contained special education classes.

Are students offered breakfast and lunch daily?  

Yes, students are entitled to free, healthy breakfast and lunch every day that school is in session.   Meals are not provided  during a school break (Winter Break, Mid-winter Break, and Spring Break)

Do you offer art and music classes? 

Yes, FLACS schools are committed to providing a 21st-century education. Music and Art instruction is provided to all students.

What kind of sports programs or clubs are offered in the Middle School? 

There are a number of clubs and sports programs offered at the Middle School for both girls and boys. They include Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football and more!

Do you provide after school programs?

FLACS has longer instructional days than typical public schools. FLACS runs some After School Programs at different times during the school year and provides a program to support scholars with academic support services. LPAC, our community sponsor, runs an affordable after-school program (New Hope) located in each of our buildings that runs daily year-round.

Are students in the 8th grade supported with selecting a High School? 

Yes, there are staff members at the middle school who are responsible for supporting students with the selection of High Schools. The staff members begin working with the students when they are in the 7th grade.