We've Rebranded!

Why are we changing our logo?  Starting Fall 2022 Family Life Academy Charter Schools (FLACS) will be a K-12 organization! This September will be the first year of FLACS high school. We decided to take this opportunity to relook at our logo to ensure it represents the K-12 student population, as well as who FLACS is in our community.
New Logo - 5 pillars in 4 colors
Our new logo represents buildings or pillars. Utilizing 5 elements in 4 different colors. Urban, strength, activism, diversity, partnership, growth, and community (founded. led. grown.) are key words to describe our new logo. The logo utilizes bar icons to represent an urban community that is diverse as well as high achieving schools, with emphasis on the words “Family Life Academy.”
We are so excited to begin showing off our new logo, and we hope you will be too. While we might look a little different, we are still the same organization! We are extremely proud of all our scholars and grateful to you for entrusting your child’s education to us. We wish you and your families a wonderful, healthy, and safe summer.