DOE Chancellor Carmen Fariña visits FLACS I

The Chancellor (she is the DOE Chancellor and not for Charter Schools) was impressed with the outstanding work portrayed on our bulletin boards, and was particularly pleased with the strong group work taking place in the classrooms. Our students were engaged in the lessons, interactive, and attentive in every single classroom that she visited. She stated that, “FLACS students look eager and willing to participate in learning”. Moreover, Ms. Fariña couldn’t resist the opportunity to participate in Ms. Edwards’ lesson around the bad smell of corpse flowers! We were thrilled to see how energetic and enthusiastic she was during her interaction with the students.

Chancellor Fariña also shared best practices that are used effectively in DOE school districts -- many of which are already employed here at FLACS I. We will be sure to add these most effective practices to our curriculum to continue providing our students with the highest quality instruction.

We would like to thank all those who helped FLACS I put its best foot forward and represented our school with so much spirit, pride and excellence.

Photo credit to Mr. Wade Irby