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Middle School

Middle school is a time of exciting growth and exploration for our scholars. While scholars engage in rigorous academic curriculum, they have the opportunity to explore new subjects and areas of interest. All activities are centered around the middle school’s core values: scholarship, empathy, integrity, grit, and global citizenship


  • Small School Setting & Personalized Instruction
  • Engaging, Meaningful, and rigorous Curriculum
  • Rich Music, Art, & Digital Media Experiences
  • Fun & Unique Electives & Clubs, Athletics & unique Offerings. 
  • Opportunities to create real change in our community
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What courses do scholars take at FLACS Middle School? 
Each week all scholars take 10 periods of ELA, 10 periods of mathematics, 5 periods of science, 5 periods of social studies, 3 periods of the arts, and 2 periods of physical education. In grade 6, students take digital literacy (technology and coding), in grade 7 students take health education, and in grade 8 they take Spanish.
Does FLACS Middle School offer any advanced courses to earn high school credit?
Yes! There are three opportunities for scholars to earn high school credit in 8th grade. All scholars can earn high school credit in Spanish if they pass an exam at the end of the course. Some scholars choose to enroll in a high school level US History class. If they pass the US History Regents, they receive high school credit. Some scholars choose to enroll in a high school level Algebra I course. If they pass the Algebra I Regents, they receive high school credit. 
What arts courses are offered?
All scholars take one trimester each of visual arts, theater, and music in the 6th grade. Starting in 7th grade, scholars choose one of these three areas to specialize in for the next two years. 
What world languages are offered at FLACS Middle School?
FLACS Middle School offers Spanish as a second language starting in Grade 8.
What after-school athletics programs are offered? Are there requirements to participate in athletics?
Scholars have the ability to participate in many different athletics programs. Currently FLACS Middle School offers: Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Co-ed Flag Football, Co-ed Soccer, Girls’ Volleyball, and Girls’ Softball. Some activities require scholars to try-out to participate. Scholars must be passing their classes to participate in athletics. 
What after-school activities and clubs are offered?
FLACS Middle School offers a variety of after-school clubs. These clubs do change every year, as they are based on the interests of our students. Some clubs that have run in the past have included: Drumming, Chorus, Journaling, Sewing, Prep Club, Guitar Club, Video Game Club, Dance, and Drama. 
How does FLACS Middle School support students in the transition between elementary and middle school?
There is a transition period at the beginning of the year where scholars learn how to navigate the new world of middle school. They learn how to organize their materials and how to prepare for having many different teachers. Scholars have all of their classes on one floor, which helps to ease the transition. Scholars travel with the same scholars all day. Scholars will also have the opportunity to attend an Orientation Day to ease their transition before the school year begins.
How does FLACS support students who need extra support? 
Scholars who need additional support in ELA and/or mathematics are enrolled in extra courses to support these areas during their elective periods. Scholars can attend Gold, an after-school program where they can get support from their teachers in all subjects.
How does FLACS support students with IEPs?
We welcome students with IEPs to apply to FLACS Middle School. Our special education teachers ensure that students receive services in ICT classrooms (grades 6 and 7) and/or through SETSS programming (grades 6-8). Scholars receive mandated related services (such as counseling, speech, occupational, or physical therapy) from either an in-house staff member or from the NYC Department of Education or private contracted providers. We do not have self-contained special education classes at FLACS Middle School.
How does FLACS support English Language Learners?
Scholars whose first language is other than English are supported by English as a New Language specialists. Every subject teacher at FLACS is also trained on how to support students who are learning English for the first time.
How does the FLACS MS grading and promotion system work?
Scholars receive a grade from 0-100. Parents can view grades on a program called Schoology. To be promoted, scholars need to pass their classes in the core areas (ELA, Math, Science, SS) with a grade of 65% or better.
How does FLACS support scholars socially and emotionally?
FLACS utilizes a social-emotional curriculum during its homeroom periods, in which students learn how to manage their emotions and interact with others in productive ways. There are three guidance counselors and two social workers who support students more intensively during the middle school years.

How does FLACS communicate with families? 
FLACS uses a program called ParentSquare to communicate with families. Families can choose how they receive and send messages - via text message, email, and/or app notification.
How does FLACS support scholars in applying to high school? Can students at FLACS Middle School attend FLACS High School?
All FLACS middle school scholars are automatically guaranteed a seat at our high school. No worrying about the lottery; your child's educational path is secure! FLACS also supports scholars who want to apply to other high schools in navigating this process. The 8th grade counselor supports this work.


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